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We’re excited you’ve chosen to become a member of Greater Works Center. It is always an encouragement to know that people are excited about what God is doing in the ministry of this church and desire to become a committed part of that ministry. At Greater Works Center, we welcome both in-person and online membership. We will strive to make both types feel connected and part of the family.


Please note that couples who are interested in membership should each complete an individual form.


At Greater Works Center, we don't believe in having a long membership process that makes becoming a member of a bible-based fellowship harder than signing up for a gym membership. In fact, in the New Testament, there is no official Membership Process to be part of the local church. Therefore, we believe that to become a member of Greater Works Center, a person simple needs to do the following:

  1. Review and align to our values and by-laws. You can find the values on our website at the following link:

  2. Listen to and understand the history of Greater Works Center. You can view the history videos at the following link: History

  3. Listen to "I am a Church Member" audio and take the pledge. The audio can be found at the following link: Church Member Part 1, Church Member Part 2

  4. Complete the membership form below to receive your certificate of membership and welcome packet

We are thankful that you are considering becoming a member of our fellowship and we look forward to serving with you in the body of Christ.

Membership Form

What Ministries are you interested in serving (check all that apply):

Thanks for submitting the membership form.

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